The Moment of Truth

We all have been suckered into purchasing products with false advertisements. Whether it be long-lasting lip color or shine proof foundation, the truth is everyone’s skin is different. Somebody with oily skin is not guaranteed to have a shine-free face for 12 hours, and (between drinking and eating) your lipstick is not going to stay on into the night. So what is the answer to having a flawless look all day? Knowing which products to buy and how to use them.

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Now, I confess . . . I do not wear primer all the time. It is awful for your skin and it clogs your pores. However, to help your makeup stay on all day it is a necessity. Make sure you give your primer some time to set on your face before applying concealer/foundation. Smashbox is my personal favorite, along with Bobbi Brown’s. If you don’t have the money to spend, you can grab a travel size Photo Finish (Smashbox) in line at Sephora, or Hard Candy has a decent primer which can be found at any Walmart.

I personally have oily skin, so I can’t wear MAC’s Prep+Prime without it making a pattern on my skin only 10 minutes after application (awesome, I know). If I put a light translucent powder on, I risk having pancake face or it migrates to another section. What’s the answer? The Beauty Blender. The one item every girl should own for perfect makeup application. I not only use it for blending my liquid foundation, but if my skin gets shiny a quick roll over the problem area makes it disappear easily. A brush is going to leave a pattern, and those oil absorbent sheets will make your foundation uneven. The sponge blends and covers making it easy to fix those shine spots.

This is the product that’s easiest to wear off. If you wear liquid and powder foundation, apply the blush after the liquid, then dust on the powder. The pigments will stick better onto the liquid. Powder on powder doesn’t stay. For those who only use powder: try a blush stick or mouse rather than loose minerals/matte compact.

Mascara primers are good to use before, but they aren’t always necessary. The best mascaras are usually the waterproof ones. They won’t hit the tops of your lids and leave black marks nor will it fall under your eyes leaving black mascara dust. Benefit’s Bad Gal Waterproof is definitely my go-to mascara for a smudge-free day.

MAC and NARS will always be my go-to lipsticks for beautiful colors that have such vivid pigments. This is the only thing that will truly make your lipstick last a decent amount of time:
1. Exfoliate
-remove any peeling skin for smooth application
2. Burt’s Bees Chapstick
-softens your lips and the flower waxes actually help hold color in
3. Line and fill
-lip liner is best but your actual lipstick will work as well
4. Blot
-use a tissue to lighten up the color
5. Powder
-do a very small application
6. Dab and fill
-literally dot your lips with the color, press your lips together a few times (never rub) and then fill in.

Simply Nude

Summer is approaching us, which means beachy waves and glowing skin. It is all about having the au naturale look and embracing neutral tones. So how does one achieve the beautiful radiance of the season? Be comfortable in the “nude”.

Face: L’oreal True Match
Purchase two foundations: one in your color, and one a shade darker. Mix the two together in your hands (the warmth from your hands thins out the makeup so you don’t end up having “cake face”). Remember to blend down to the neck. Think of it as an ombre effect, but less noticeable. You don’t want your face darker than your neck/chest, so fading it will help it appear natural. You can do this if you don’t have time to tan or if you are gradually getting darker.

Cheeks: Physicians Formula Happy Booster
Do not, I repeat, DO NOT purchase the darkest bronzer because you want to look tan. You won’t. You will look like you have dirt on your face (i know this from experience). Get the lightest shade of bronzer, or get a shade or two darker in face powder. I suggest trying the powder before the bronzer. Bronzers usually have too much shimmer and it looks tacky on the cheekbones.

Eyes: Covergirl Eye Enhancer (Sizzle Gold)
I love a good shimmer on the lids during summer. Gold in the crevice of the eyes, or just on the lid (never go up or over the brow bone with bold colors) will do the trick. Matte shadows in beige or a light mauve are beautiful against tan skin as well.

Lips: Maybelline Shine Sensational Lipgloss
There is nothing prettier than a nude lipgloss on a girl. Set aside the matte lipstick the next few months. Tinted lip balm and gloss should be your two best friends for the season.

Hair: Organix Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum
I urge you to try and stay away from the blow dryer. If you must have it, keep it on the cool or warm setting. The sun is going to damage your hair every time you step foot onto the sand, so you might as well try and help prevent more harm to it. Serums are always helpful in hot weather and can also help you obtain a natural wave before you hit the beach. Braiding your hair in four sections after applying your serum or spray of choice will help you.

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